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The Change We Want. 

The Supervisor We Need. 

Let me tell you a little about myself.


I was born in Salinas and grew up in North County. I went to local schools, Salinas High and Hartnell College, where I graduated as valedictorian in 1980, and then onto the University of California, Santa Cruz.

My family has lived along the Elkhorn Slough area of North Monterey County since 1868. Indeed, all eight of my great-grandparents lived in North County at one time or another in their lives. It is a legacy of 150 years of service. They were teachers, farmers, dairy owners, beekeepers and business owners. Two were founders and masters of the Prunedale Grange. One was a county road foreman while another was a grand juror and a school board trustee. My maternal grandmother temporarily moved to Richmond during World War II and literally became a Rosie the Riveter helping to build ships as a welder for the war effort. My mother, Marjorie, was the director of Prunedale Senior Center during the 1990s. All of them had a deep love for this area and a passion for service, which I share.

My father, Warren, served for 12 years as a county supervisor for this area. I witnessed his organizing the county park system with the acquisition of the first county park, Royal Oaks Park, in 1966 and lastly the purchase of Manzanita Park in 1976, expanding the county library system, developing the first abandoned vehicle ordinance, preserving Natividad Hospital as a county-run facility and passage of the first county-wide ordinance on growth limits. These were invaluable learning experiences.

I grew up on our Christmas tree farm on Hidden Valley Road and learned the value of hard work while hoeing weeds and dragging branches through rows of trees. In between the tasks of growing and selling Christmas trees, I spent time picking raspberries that my father grew and cutting apricots at the farm my grandmother's sister's family operated near Apricot Lane off San Miguel Canyon Road. I also learned the invaluable skills of working on a farm: running a chainsaw, driving a dump truck and operating a tractor. 


Since I was 18, I have worked for myself almost exclusively as a businessman, but also as a farmer – I now own the family Christmas tree farm. I raised two sons in North County, sharing with them the beauty of our exceptional community.


I know the challenges regular people face earning a living through good times and bad. It is this connection to real world experiences that too many elected officials forget. 



glenn and kathy 2020-.JPG
Glenn with his wife, Kathy McKenzie
From left to right:  Glenn's father Warren; son Jackson; Glenn; and son Kristopher
Glenn shearing a Monterey Pine for the coming Christmas


  • Self-employed in nursery and landscape supply business

  • President, Pacific Coast Soils

  • Soil consultant

  • Owner, Church Christmas Tree Farms

  • Manager, Hidden Valley Water Association



  • ​Attended Board of Supervisor meetings at a young age as I watched my father serve as a county supervisor for this district from 1965-77​​

  • Served on committees and working groups, beginning in 1976 with a youth committee for Royal Oaks Park sports infrastructure and including a 1980s committee to rewrite the first county ordinance protecting native trees.

  • Led government transparency and right-to-know campaign about experimental testing on an agricultural field

  • Testified before a Congressional subcommittee at the invitation of Congressman Leon Panetta

  • Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency, Public Member alternate

  • Point of Use/Point of Entry Water Quality Working Group, member

  • Proposed the plan to reopen Kirby Park after the 2017 storms 



  • Co-organized efforts to designate Royal Oaks as a postal place name

  • Spoke at local high schools on political and human rights

  • Volunteered at a Salinas meal center and Prunedale Senior Center

  • Donated landscape and/or garden materials to community gardens and Royal Oaks Park

  • Donated Christmas trees to Castroville Recreation Center, Alisal Center for the Fine Arts, Prunedale Senior Center, Caroline's Pantry, Prunedale Library and the community tree at the Prunedale Center



  • Member of the Prunedale Grange and past member of the Springfield Grange

  • Served on board of directors of nonprofit organizations such as the Prunedale Chamber of Commerce

  • Served on board of directors of a national human rights organization, including as program chair managing a $30 million budget

  • Board member, Dan and Lillian King Foundation

  • President and Board Member, Fire Safe Council for Monterey County



tool demo with kids.jpg
Conducting a tour of the tree farm with students from a local school
Speaking before the Board of Supervisors
Discussing fire safety with a fire official
Glenn with a friend overlooking the Elkhorn Slough
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