County Supervisor is a nonpartisan office. Glenn is proud to have bipartisan support throughout our communities.

Local Leaders and Neighbors Who Back Glenn

"As a lifetime North County resident, Glenn has a reputation as being approachable and a problem solver. This makes him the best qualified voice to be on the board of supervisors."
Congressman Sam Farr (retired)
Bill MonningCalifornia State Senate, Majority Leader Emeritus
Anna Caballero, California State Senate

Mark Stone, California State Assembly

Mary Adams, Monterey County Supervisor
“Glenn Church has the detailed knowledge, the “backbone”, and the sincere understanding of the needs of our voters to bring “real public service” back to Monterey County. He is committed to eliminating “pay-to-play” politics and divisive rhetoric . Glenn is all about hard work, impartial fairness, and making life better for the actual residents of the 2nd Supervisorial District who deserve services without excuses.  I am proud to endorse him.”

Marc Del Piero
, former Monterey County Supervisor
Judy Pennycook, former Monterey County Supervisor

Karin Strasser Kauffman, former Monterey County Supervisor

Hon. Richard M. Silver, Superior Court Judge (Ret.)

Russ Jeffries, former Mayor, City of Salinas. President, Board of Commissioners, Moss Landing Harbor District
"I've studied water problems in Monterey County for many years, and I'm aware of the serious water shortages in many parts of North Monterey County. I believe Glenn Church is the man to work on solving the supply problem on behalf of the residents in need."

Jan Collins, former Councilmember, City of Salinas
Janet Barnes, former Councilmember, City of Salinas

Steve Villegas, former Councilmember, City of Salinas

Lisa Berkley, Councilmember, City of Marina

Cristina Medina,  Councilmember, City of Marina

Steve Trujillo, Trustee, Cabrillo Community College 

Bill Freeman, former Trustee, Hartnell Community College

Alex Solano, former Trustee, Pajaro Valley Unified School District

Jennifer Colby, PhD, former School Board Member, Aromas-San Juan Unified School District
"Glenn cares about the problems regular folks face."
Olin and Febe Jordan
"I've known Glenn for many years. He has the integrity that we need in a supervisor."
Frank Coronado
Frank Abbruzzetti
Larry Abrams
Alice Alderin
Elsworth Alderin

David Alexander
Nancy Allison
Chris Amador
Amy Anderson

Marla Anderson
Steve Andre
Jonathan Angel

Peter Antonell
Mary Arnold
Molly Attell
Michael Baer
Barbara Baldock
Jay Bartow

Jonathan Battey
Beverly Bean
Sheila Benson

Ingermarie Bevans
Kathy Biala
Gary Bolen

Janet Brennan
Scott Brown
Virdette Brumm
Phil Butler

Michael Carrillo
Sabrina Carrillo
Robert Chacanaca
Carol Church
Madeleine Clark
Bob Coble
Katharine Comstock
Jim Copeland
Caryn Crawford

Kate Daniels
Susan Davis
Gwyn De Amaral
Douglas Deitch
Regina Doyle
Chelsea Earp

Sean Edwards
Riane Eisler
Carole Erickson
Thomas W. Ethington
Doris Fabre
Hubert Fabre
Merlene Fernandez
Rich Fox

David Fried
Paula Gallego
Denise Garcia

Judy Garrison
Alice Gates-Wilcox
Susan Gerbic
Jennifer Golden

Gabriela Gonzalez
Leonie Gray
Peter Gray

Constance Greene
Arlen Grossman
Scott Hanham
Tamara Harris
Alice Henault
Toni Henderson
John Heyl
Lisa Hoivik
Tom Hoivik

Jeff Irwin
Richard James
Deanna James
Tammy Jennings

Jason Jordan
Olin Jordan

Shannon Jordan
Marjorie Kay
Sarah Karn

Paul Karrer
Diane M. Kelsey

Dennise Kenck
Tom Kenck
Dana Kent, MD
Donna Clare Lawson Leisy
Jacque Lewis
Penny Lopez

Sarah Lopez
Safwat Malek
Betty Matterson
Richard McCain
Michelle Noble McCain
Joe McCarthy

Mibs McCarthy
Tim McCarthy

An McDowell
"I've worked with Glenn, and he's committed to making county government work better."
Christine Saling
Keith McKenzie, MD
Della McKenzie
Marlene Martin
Stefani Mistretta

Ed Mitchell
Lance Monosoff
Carolyn Moody
Don Newmark
Laura Newmark

Hunter Nichols
Ross Nichols
Eric Van Cott Niven

Lesley Noble
Annie Notthoff
Nancy Arroyave Oliver

Claire Osborne
Mark Osborne
Tobias Osborne
Janna Ottman

Sherry Owens
Karen Paull
Vicki Pearse
Frank L. Pinney III

Steven Popp
Demetrio Pruneda

Mike Richards
Colleen Richert
Scott Richert
Lynn Riddle

George Riley
Delinda Robinson
Glenn Robinson
Delores Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez
Alex Rouch
Helen Schuttish
Carol Shadwell
Michael and Kathy Sheldon

John Silva, MD
Peter Slattery

Laura Solorio, MD
George Somero

Celeste Stanik
Cathy Stanley
Richard Stillwell
Brenda Surry

Jennifer Theyskens
William Theyskens
John Thompson
Valerie Thompson
Steve Travaille
Juan Uranga

Mary Ann Vasconcellos
Marilyn Vierra

Carol Walsh
John Walton

Priscilla Walton
Deborah Warcken
Thomas Ward
Bonni Weinstein
Joel Weinstein

Cory Welch
Robin Welch
Brenna Wheelis
Russ Wilcox
Steve Wiley
John Willsen

Jacquelyn Woodward
Juanita Ventura Work
Leora Worthington

Ivette Yoshida
"North County was a great place to grow up, and I want it to stay that way."
Isaac Veal
Titles are for identification purposes only

The Change We Want. The Supervisor We Need.