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June 4, 2021


CONTACT: Glenn Church, (831) 809-0225


ROYAL OAKS, Calif. — North Monterey County farmer and businessman Glenn Church today announced that he is a candidate for District 2 Supervisor. The election will take place on June 7, 2022.

District 2 encompasses North Monterey County and parts of North Salinas, including the communities of Aromas, Castroville, Pajaro, Moss Landing, Prunedale, Royal Oaks, Las Lomas and Bolsa Knolls.

Church made the decision to run for supervisor because of patterns of long-term neglect of the North Monterey County area, with concerns for affordable housing, fire safety, traffic and road conditions, lack of social services, noise pollution, dumping, animal control, public safety, water and many other quality of life issues. At the same time, he is also vowing to fight for systemic change within county government to increase accountability, transparency and a government that truly represents the people.

“People are frustrated that county government is not taking care of their problems. New leadership is required to bring the change that is needed,” said Church.

Church, a lifelong resident of North Monterey County, has deep roots in his community that go back more than 150 years. His great-grandfather settled along the Elkhorn Slough just after the Civil War and owned a large dairy farm. His grandfather and father also farmed in the area. His father, Warren Church, was a member of the Monterey County Board of Supervisors in the 1960s and 1970s.

As a child, Church often accompanied his father on the campaign trail as well as attending county meetings from a young age. Being raised in that environment taught Glenn the vital importance of public service, and that government should strive to make life easier for people rather than being an obstacle. 

Church has witnessed first-hand the economic hardships of the past decades, and also the roadblocks that are imposed by local government. As a lifelong member of his community, he has also seen the ongoing neglect of North Monterey County over recent years, with desperate need for action on many issues. Church noted that District 2 has half the county’s unincorporated population but does not get its fair share of county services and resources.

Besides the lack of county services, Church is critical of county policies which hinder adequate fire prevention — such as requiring a permit to cut a dead oak tree. Church is also critical of the county’s inclusionary housing policies which he charges have promoted the building of larger, more expensive homes and worsened the shortage of affordable housing.

During the past decade, supervisorial representation for this district has fallen short on communicating with constituents and getting them the help they need. As Supervisor for District 2, Church will bring common sense back to county government, and commit to solving the problems both at the local and institutional level.

As a long-time businessman, small water system manager and farmer, Church is accustomed to solving problems with creative solutions.

Throughout his life, Church has been active in numerous organizations at the local, state and national levels. Church is currently president of the Fire Safe Council for Monterey County, a nonprofit committed to protecting lives and property from wildfires through education and projects to mitigate wildfire risk. He is also a board member of the Dan and Lillian King Foundation, the Monterey-based nonprofit with a mission of educating schoolchildren about the Constitution, and has sent thousands of eighth-graders to see the musical “Hamilton.”

Church owns and manages Church Christmas Tree Farms, a choose-and-cut tree farm in the Royal Oaks area of North Monterey County. He is married to journalist Kathryn McKenzie and between them, they have four adult sons.

Church has launched his campaign website, in addition to social media accounts as #GlennChurchforSupervisor on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




FACT SHEET – Glenn Church


Age: 62 (born in June 1959)

Birthplace: Salinas

Home: Royal Oaks in North Monterey County


• Fourth-generation North Monterey County resident

• Father Warren Church was a Monterey County Supervisor from 1965-77 representing North County

• Mother Marjorie Church was a school teacher and later was director of the Prunedale Senior Center

Professional life

• Founder of Pacific Coast Soils landscape supply business, owned and managed for 40 years

• Owner/manager of Church Christmas Tree Farms, family business since 1959

• Co-author of the book “Humbled: How California’s Monterey Bay Escaped Industrial Ruin” with wife Kathryn McKenzie

Community involvement

• Has served on a variety of committees, boards and working groups since 1976

• Past Alternate, Public Member for the Salinas Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency

• Current President, Fire Safe Council for Monterey County

• Current Board Member, King Foundation

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